Experience, patience, knowledge and dedication to client service are qualities I look for in a guide. It is rare to have all these qualities in one guide, but Jeremy Allan has them all. My wife and I have used him as a guide for 10 years for that reason.

His experience as a guide is unparalleled. There are not many guides that can say they have fished and guided on the waters around Park City as long as Jeremy has. He uses his past experiences to make your trip, whether it is your first or hundredth, to be the best possible.

Patience is a virtue is a very true statement about Jeremy. He helped teach my wife and I about fly fishing. My wife was new to fly fishing when we first started using Jeremy and now she is very comfortable fishing on her own. He has the gift of teaching and does not put  pressure on someone new to the sport to perform like a pro.

His knowledge of waters is great, but more importantly is his knowledge of how and when to fish those waters in different conditions. With this knowledge he gives us access to spots on the rivers that other guides would not know about. Let his knowledge of the waters work for you.

My wife and I have found his dedication to giving us the best possible experience is always there. I have fished with guides all over the United States. I believe Jeremy to be one of the elite guides in the United States because of his experience, patience, knowledge and dedication to client  service.