Utah fly fishing videos from the Salt Lake City and Park City area rivers. Make sure to check back every once in a while for updated content from our awesome fly fishing trips. You can also see photos from our amazing guided fly fishing trips here. Ready to get out on the water? Let’s get your trip booked.

Jeremy Allan Fly Fishing KSL Outdoors

Utah Fly Fishing Guide And Photographer

Want to get to know your guide a little better? Enjoy this video where I was featured on KSL Outdoors. They did a show on me as a photographer and long time fly fishing guide. We caught a bunch of trout on nymphs and also had the chance to fish some dry flies during the famous BWO hatch on the Middle Provo River near Park City, Utah. We discussed my career as a fly fishing photographer and I had the opportunity to give a few photography tips. It was so strange to be on the other side of the camera. I was also able to give some instruction on fly fishing the Provo River for wild brown trout. Very honored to have been on the show and give people a glimpse into my life.

Utah Fly Fishing Provo River Blue Wing Olive ( BWO ) Hatch

Blue Winged Olives Video

Blue Winged Olives, Halloween 2019 on the Middle Provo River near Park City, Utah. It’s just as fun for me to watch trout rise to mayflies as it is to try and catch them. You can learn a ton by letting them do their thing and just observe while they feed in an undisturbed environment. This stream has some of the best hatches in Utah and the western united states. Check out this video and see for yourself.

Buffalo Midge Video

The Buffalo Midges on the Middle Provo River have begun hatching. Dry fly fishing on the Provo River is about to go from good to great.

Green Drake Hatch

Green Drake Video

I was in this cool film by Ian Roylance on fishing the Green Drake hatch on the Middle Provo River. Way back with this one. Gotta be at least 10 or 12 years ago.

Small Stream and Middle Provo

Utah Fly Fishing - Jeremy Allan Fly Fishing

Another awesome trip with the Bitchin Outdoors guys. As always they sent me a video of their trip. This time we were on a small stream here in Utah and on the Middle Provo. Thanks again to the Bitchin Outdoors guys! See you on our next adventure.

First Time Fly Fishing - Weber River

First Time Fly Fishing - Weber River

Thanks to the Bitchin Outdoors guys for filming their first time fly fishing and sending the video over. I’d say they got a good feel for it. This was taken on the Weber River and is about 30 minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah.

First Time Fly Fishing - Weber River

Bitchin Outdoors - Jeremy Allan Fly Fishing

Thanks again to the Bitchin Outdoors guys for sending this short Utah fly fishing video clip they put together from the Weber River and Lower Provo River from their first trip out here. I’m glad you guys had such a good time. See you next year!