Your Guided Fly Fishing Experience

On the day of your trip you will meet your guide at a predetermined location. Locations are determined day to day depending on current fishing conditions. You will meet your guide at the river or within a few minutes of it. You will get your waders on and head out to the river. Some walking is always involved but we like to keep it as close as possible furthermore, please let us know of any health or physical restraints at the time of booking to ensure an appropriate fishing location. Once you reach the river your guide will give you a brief demonstration and discuss the technique that you will be using for the day. Nymphing and or dry fly fishing will most likely be your bet. Please ask as many questions as you want. Your guide is there to teach you how to catch wild trout so feel free to fire away. They will then hand the rod over to you and begin teaching you how to fish the river in front of you. I have amazing instructors that will have you casting and fighting fish in no time.

Dress For The Weather

Being comfortable on your fly fishing trip is important.The weather in Utah can be anywhere from the 95 degrees or cold and snowy depending on the time of year. I’ve seen it snow 6 inches in June and be 60 degrees in January. You just never know. Most of our streams remain cool all year so I recommend wearing long pants and warm socks. Even in the Summer months keeping your feet and legs warm will make for a better overall experience. Wearing sunglasses to reduce glare and for general eye protection is also recommended. Polarized glasses will help you see into the water and make for a better visual fly fishing experience. Check the weather and dress for comfort.

What You Need To Bring

Everything you need for your guided fly fishing trip will be included. Fly rods, flies, terminal tackle, boots and waders are all provided by your guide. Snacks and drinks are also provided. All you need to bring with you is appropriate clothing for the time of year and anything else you’d like to have with you. Most of the time you will be fishing in a general area so bringing a back pack and setting it on the river bank is fine.