A big Summer brown trout

Summer Fly Fishing In Utah

Summer fly fishing near Park City, Utah, It doesn’t get much better than that. Blue skies, 85 degrees and standing in a cool trout stream. One of the great Summer activities in Utah is getting out to the river and testing your skill against some of our resident trout. As the runoff ends and the rivers come back down to their Summer flows the trout are in some of the best shape of the year. Just in time for our Summer hatches. This is the best time to visit some of our smaller streams and test your casting skills against some wild Utah trout. Early June through the end of August you’ll see Stoneflies, Green Drakes, Caddis and PMD mayflies that will bring big trout to the surface. Come enjoy a day on the water this Summer with the best guide in the business.

A fly fisher woman showing her dog a trout

Summer Waters

Summer fly fishing means our smaller streams are open and accessible. Our beaUTAHful weather is a spectacular time to get out and explore those streams you can’t get to in the Winter months. Some of the biggest trout I’ve caught in Utah have been during our Summer time hatches on smaller streams. One of the great things about Utah is that if there’s a puddle there’s probably a big brown trout in it. There are numerous small streams within about an hour of Park City that have tremendous fly fishing opportunities.

Summer Hatches

I always look forward to the Summer months and the many dry fly opportunities. Late June the rivers seam to explode with insect life. A lot of our streams have Goldenstoneflies and Salmonflies. They’re huge in the bug world and like a t bone steak to a trout. Some of the takes are explosive and savage.

Almost as soon as the stoneflies start showing up we’ll see Green Drakes. They are the biggest of our mayflies to hatch throughout the year. Look for them late June into mid July. We’ll also see PMD mayflies, various caddis and terrestrials all through the Summer months.

A Salmonfly on an American flag

For more information on Summer fly fishing in Utah visit my Reports and Hatches page. For a successful guided fly fishing trip this Summer make sure to call Jeremy Allan Fly Fishing.

A fly fisherman holding a rainbow trout on the Lower Provo River
A beautiful rainbow trout caught on the Lower Provo River
A fly fisherman holding a big brown trout on the Middle Provo River
Summer on the Middle Provo River near Park City, Utah
A fly fisherman holding a Provo River brown trout
A nice brown trout caught on the Lower Provo River