Utah fly fishing Spring. A brown trout tries to eat a buffalo midge on the Provo River

Spring Fly Fishing In Utah

Spring fly fishing in Utah is possibly my favorite time of year on the river. It’s hard to pick one season but it’s right up there. As the air begins to warm up so does the fishing. The lower stream flows and great hatches make for some of the best dry fly opportunities in the west, if not the United States.

The famous Buffalo Midge and Blue Winged Olive mayflies start to hatch in March and go through April. As a result, on the right day, you might have 50 rising trout in front of you. Also the nymph fishing is some of the best of the year. Tricking a rising trout with a perfectly placed dry fly is an amazing experience. Besides the real sense of accomplishment you get it’s a lot of fun. Don’t miss out on some of the best fly fishing of the year.

Spring Hatches

Northern Utah is known for it’s epic Spring hatches. The first of these famous hatches is the buffalo midge beginning in mid March. You’ll find these insects hatching at around noon throughout the Spring months with peaks in April. So if you’ve never seen a hatch that brings all the fish to the surface now is your chance.

The next round of bugs to hatch are the Spring blue winged olive mayflies. They begin making an appearance late March and peak mid April. Look for these greyish olive mayflies at around 1-2 pm. At it’s peak the river will look like it’s covered with little grey sailboats. They coincide with the buffalo midges and that makes for some incredible fly fishing opportunities.

A Spring blue winged olive sitting on a rock. Utah fly fishing Spring

Don’t miss out on the great Spring fly fishing Utah has to offer. Certainly you’ll want to make the most of your time on our local waters. So enjoy a guided fly fishing trip with Jeremy Allan Fly Fishing. For more information on Utah’s famous Spring hatches visit my Reports and Hatches page

Brown trout small creek
Small stream brown trout near Park City Utah
A girl releases a brown trout on the Provo River with the foremost Utah fly fishing guide service
Family time on the Provo River, Utah
Brown trout about to eat a Buffalo Midge on the Provo River
Spring hatches on the Middle Provo River