Fly Fishing All Year

Seasonal Fly Fishing in Utah varies greatly. We get all four seasons in northern Utah. Most people immediately think of Summer when they think of fly fishing but there is amazing fishing to be had all year. Some of the best fishing of the year is during the cooler months of Spring and Fall. Bugs hatch all year and trout need to eat even in the Winter.

Fall Fly Fishing In Utah

Fall is the perfect time to be on a trout stream. Cool mornings and warm afternoons make for perfect conditions to cast a fly. Casting to a wild brown trout with golden cottonwoods reflecting off of the river is an almost surreal experience. Being surrounded in the colors of Fall can make it hard to concentrate on fishing but we’ll do our best to keep you focused. With the cooling temperatures and Fall hatches trout become more active and we have ideal conditions for incredible hatches. Caddisflies, Blue Winged Olive and PMD mayflies are around through the end of October. Get out and enjoy a beautiful Fall day on the river.

Utah Provo River Fall Fly Fishing
Utah Provo River Winter Fly Fishing

Winter Fly Fishing In Utah

Trout still have to eat in the Winter and we still have to catch them. Need a cure for cabin fever? Maybe you need a break from skiing or snowboarding. Layer up and come out for a great day on the water. Utah is know for it’s amazing Winter Sports and fly fishing is no exception. Our local waters are known for their Winter midge hatches and exceptional dry fly fishing. Some of the best surface activity as well as nymph fishing can be had right through the cooler months. So add a day of chasing trout to your list of outdoor activities this Winter.

Spring Fly Fishing In Utah

Spring is some of the best fly fishing of the year in Utah. As the air begins to warm up so does the fishing. Lower stream flows and great hatches make for some of the best dry fly opportunities in the west, if not the United States. The famous Buffalo Midge and Blue Winged Olive mayflies start to hatch in March and goes through April. On the right day you might have 50 rising trout in front of you. The nymph fishing is some of the year. Tricking a rising trout with a perfectly placed dry fly is an amazing experience that brings a real sense of accomplishment. Don’t miss out on some of the best fly fishing of the year.

Utah Provo River Spring Fly Fishing
Utah Provo River Summer Fly Fishing

Summer Fly Fishing In Utah

It doesn’t get much better than blue skies, 85 degrees and standing in a cool trout stream. One of the great Summer activities in Utah is getting out to the river and testing your skills against some of our resident trout. As the runoff ends and the rivers come back down to their Summer flows the trout are in some of the best shape of the year. Just in time for our Summer hatches. This is the best time to visit some of our smaller streams and test your casting skills against some wild Utah trout. Early June through the end of August you’ll see Stoneflies, Green Drakes, Caddis and PMD mayflies that will bring big trout to the surface. Come enjoy a day on the water this Summer with the best guide in the business.